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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fake Vapor Pro Review

The review of a fake vapor pro from yoyobase.com

First and foremost, this is a fake, a knockoff, a remake, a forgery, and a counterfeit. I, like many others, have an interest in knowing the difference of this case and the real, $150 vapor pro. My friend has had a real Black Ops Vapor Pro and has loved it. I did not have the finances to supply me with the same. So I am writing this review to clear anything for future buyers.

Disclaimer – a 5 is equal to the real vapor. My number is compared to real vapor pro.

Communication: Jason, at yoyobase.com was so informative and extremely quick to reply to my questions. It never took more than 24 hours for him to reply. Compared to Element, this was quite a relief. I say it’s a 5/5

Install: Simple and strait forward. Just screw in the tiny screws. I give it a 5/5

Design and Structure: Nearly perfect. With a few rough edges, a raised sleep button, and a less curved cut-out for volume controls, the knockoff is nearly identical to the real thing.
1.) First the imperfections. To explain the differences, there are three places where the case is not perfectly flush. The two screw points (where they connect) and the part on the volume button side beneath the “VAPOR | PRO” where the clear piece is. If you rub your finger across it, you can feel a small ridge unlike when you rub your finger across the real Black Ops case, it flush.
2.) Onto the sleep button. Compared to the Block Ops case, the button was half a millimeter higher on the knockoff.
3.) Finally the volume cutout. This is the least noticeable. On the fake, it is less rounded and squarer edges (as pictured below).
These are the three differences of the real and fake case (my case and my friends); I try to show the differences visually with the pictures below.
My personal score: 4/5

Signal: I have a Verizon 4S. My area is pretty good as far as signal goes. For the past week, I have not seen any drop in my signal. Score - 5/5

Conclusion: How badly do you want real thing? That is the question. After reading on this forum for about 2 months now (I am new) it is very apparent that there are two different sides on this case. I am trying my best to simply describe the differences. And I believe that this case is good and close representation of the real thing.
Final Score – 4.5/5

Personal Opinion: I cannot justify purchasing a case that is more than half the price of the product. When I compare the knockoff/counterfeit to the real Vapor Pro and there are so few differences, it just makes sense for me to save $100 and purchase through yoyobase.com.

other info on fake element cases can be found here: 

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