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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mophie juice pack Boost 2000 mAH

This is a review on the Mophie juice pack Boost 2000 mAH

Everyone gets in the predicament of running out of battery right when they need it. The Mophie juice pack Boost very simply doubles your battery and is incredibly portable. The most interesting thing about this portable battery pack is that it can charge your iPhone at the same rate of a wall charger. While it only charges your iPhone and iPod, the battery can give a little juice to your iPad. After a month of not ever running out of battery, I am ready to write a review.

Disclaimer – scores are based out of 5. 5/5 is perfect. 1/5 is not recommended.

Packaging: Plastic box with a usb2.0/microUSB cord to charge, directions, and the pack. Very nicely designed and not cheap (sorry I don’t have any pics)

Size and Portability: (2.20 in x 3.88 in x 0.37 in) The Mophie juice pack Boost is smaller than your iPhone and sort of resembles it. The thickness is identical but it is width and height make is pack significantly smaller than an iPhone and extremely portable. It fits in any pocket and almost always is unnoticeable.
Score: 5/5

Design and Structure: This is where the Mophie juice pack Boost thrives. It looks as if it is an Apple product and goes with the iPhone. The matte black and stainless steel band look great beside my iPhone. It is very apparent that this pack is not cheaply made.
Score: 5/5

Features: Two main features on this pack. The battery life indicator and the 30-pin viewing stand.
1.) The battery life indicator is simply 4 LED’s that shows how much battery is left in the pack. This feature is nice when you need to know how much you can charge your iPhone.
2.) The viewing stand is basically a folding 30-pin plug. It is connected at the top and fold to any desired angle. This is a great feature when you need to charge your phone but have to lay it down or stand it up.
Score: 4/5

Conclusion: This battery pack has everything you need in a portable charger for your iPhone or iPod. It is clean, portable, and does the job flawlessly. Not only will this pack double your battery life, but it will also give you a +30% in roughly 15-20 minutes. It charges quickly and efficiently.
Final Score: 4.75/5

Me personally: I have only come up with one liability with the Mophie juice pack Boost, and that is that the plug will sometimes fall out. Outside of that fault, Mophie has really designed a great battery pack. I love it and would recommend it to anyone considering a portable battery pack. This device can be bought here: Mophie Boost or on Amazon. 

I am working on my photo skills, sorry for the flash problems. Thanks for reading!

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