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Monday, March 19, 2012

FAKE Element Vapor Comp

First off, just making sure everyone knows this is a remake of the Element Vapor Comp. Just a short disclaimer...

Element makes an outstanding iPhone case. It is so amazing that they can charge more than $100 and still get plenty of people to purchase it. For the small market of people who cannot get their hands on the real Vapor Comp (or don’t want to pay that much), a fake Vapor Comp will work just fine. Maybe its not as precise cut or as perfectly anodized, I do not know. I do know that it only cost a quarter of the price where I got mine at Eachsupplier. I also know that this case is awesome.

The case is designed just like any other Vapor Comp; there is a plastic side and an aluminum top, side, and bottom. The volume buttons have a rocker button and the sleep/wake button has a button as well. The structure of the case is very solid and the screws not only fit perfect and snug but also created a tight fit for the phone. I was mostly impressed with how well the case fit together. When I screwed the screws in all the way, there was no gap at all and perfect alignment between the two sides. Some people have complained about a "bowing" of the plastic side, and I have not had a problem with plastic side at all.

Outside of the build quality, holding this case is so nice. The way it fits in your hand just feel right. I have never enjoyed holding my iPhone as much as when I have this case on. With the grip on the right side and the plastic on the other, it really makes it a pleasure to hold. One more quick thing, as a Verizon Wireless customer, I have received no signal changes or anything of the sort.

There are two distinct differences that I can see in the real Vapor Comp and a fake. This case has no sign of emblem on the outside of the plastic (on the inside there are small letters that say “ELEMENT CASE”). Outside of the plastic piece being nameless, the sleep/wake button is not perfect. The button on the case does not fit as well as the real Comp would. It stands a little higher and does not fill the entire gap allotted for the button. These are the two downgrades from the real Vapor Comp. 

The Eachsupplier.com team did a flawless job communication and this should not be overlooked. I had a response within 24-hours for every message I asked them. One question that has to be answered is the name of the product. They told me it has to be called “Designer’s” instead of Vapor because PayPal would not clear them to use the product under that name. Needless to say, this is a fake Vapor Comp (and they have Vapor Pro’s too).

In conclusion, this knockoff case is made well and is priced reasonably for its quality. I would recommend this case to anyone who desires a Vapor Comp but cannot afford the real case. It represents the original case well. This case has been great and I have loved using it.  

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