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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Phone Suit Elite Battery Case

For those who like the battery to always tag along with the case, a battery case is a great solution. It is simply an extra battery for your iPhone. While there are many out there, PhoneSuit is said to have one of the top of the line. The case is even packaged well! Here are my personal thoughts on the case:

The Elite Battery case has the same things that any regular battery case would have but the case excels in each of the categories. From battery life, to slimness, to protection, this case really covers it all. Since I have had it on my iPhone4S, the only difference from my regular case would be the weight. It is a little noticeable but nothing over the top. Another thing to note is that the front face of the case is level to the phone leaving no lip from the case to the screen. Not good or bad, it just matters what your preference is.

Features: the case is said to have 2100 mAh battery, which has the potential to double your iPhones life. My personal test from 50% to 100% took exactly 1 hour, which is surprisingly accurate to the “quick charge technology” which says it can charge your phone from 0%-100% in 2 hours. I was thrilled to see how fast my iPhone charged up. On top of the battery power/life, this case is 17mm (.67 in) thick. This is roughly one and a half iPhone’s thick. This ranks well amongst other battery cases [Mophie juice pack plus (.71 in)]. Finally, the 5 LEDs on the back show the life left in your case. Quite a good feature though standard on most battery cases.

Quality: As far as how the case is put together, it appears to be built well with nice, soft plastic. The top of the case is what can be removed from to take the phone in and out of the case. Though a little heavy, the weight is distributed well and the phones thickness equates the length of the case. Incase you break the top portion of the case; PhoneSuit has packaged an extra top to cover any accident. The company also includes two screen protector. Overall, the case is put together well and will obviously protect your phone as well as charge it.

One feature that needs to be noted is the fact that you will lose your ability to use the 30-pin connector with this case on. While they provide a micro-USB cord to charge the case and you can charge the phone with it through the case (and you can plug it into the computer). While this may not affect some people, others who use docks or apple connectors to play music would have to take the phone completely out of the case to properly use.

In conclusion, this is a battery case that gets it all done. It has surpasses all standard requirements for any case. When I know I am going to be going a long time without charging my phone, this is the ways to go, no doubt. PhoneSuit has made a winner with the Elite battery case. I would recommend this case to anyone considering a battery case. This case can be bought at PhoneSuit site or on Amazon

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