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Monday, June 25, 2012

UCO Skinny Bumper for iPhone 4S

***Two winners are Code.Red and MakeYouFamous***
It can be a difficult task for any user trying to find a slim case that will still show off the iPhone 4S’ sleek design and protect the phone as well. Sold by thehisshop.com, the UCO skinny bumper certainly complements the phone while still bringing enough protection to the sides of the phone. Black and White are the only two colors that the case comes in. The case’s physical buttons are so easy to press and it makes the case an even better experience. The UCO skinny bumper is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a quality plastic bumper that does not over power the phone’s design.

One feature that separates the UCO skinny bumper is the responsiveness of the case’s buttons. A silver wake/sleep button protrudes from the case to make an easy press. The volume buttons are also very easy to press. This is a difficult feature to find on such a skinny bumper. An opening for the sound on/off switch is only large enough for the iPhone 4S. Another important factor of this case is the 30-pin connector. The case has just enough space for only the apple charge cord to fit. I would second-guess any 3rd party chargers. Some people see this as something that is not good and others, who only use the apple cord, do not have to worry about anything. The speakers at the bottom also have very small openings.

This case simply wraps around the phone’s sides. It is important to note the “lay on the table” design. Unlike most cases, the UCO skinny bumper will not keep phone off of any surface. A screen AND back cover are imperative to have on when using this case to make sure you protects all faces of the phone. This case does not come with a screen protector and they can run from pennies on Amazon to expensive glass screen protectors. So this case leaves that choice to you. The main focus is obviously obtaining from adding weight or bulk to the phone, which this skinny bumper very successfully does.

The UCO Skinny Bumper has a slim design that will compare with any other in its class. The hard plastic sides provide a perfect fit to the phone. The physical buttons provide a great experience for any user and are super responsive. When pairing this case with screen protectors, it becomes a sleek bumper that will showcase the design of the phone. When considering a thin bumper for your iPhone 4S, this case has to be considered. The case is currently $17.95 on thehisshop.com so it is a cheaper case to be purchased. I received great customer service there and would suggest anyone to buy from their website.

Because I received these cases from thehisshop.com, I am going to give both of them away. The stipulations are just like the other giveaway that I hosted. If there is no way for me to contact you, you will not receive the case. On that note, here is how to enter the giveaway:
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Other details: 
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  • The giveaway ends one week from the date of this post on July 2nd.
  • The winners will be contacted via Message on Twitter or email.


  1. Great bumper and even better review! Thanks.

  2. I might get one of these as I already have the power support flat bumper but I'm not really satisfied with it.

  3. This looks like an awesome bumper. I like the slim profile especially as compared to the Apple bumper. Great pictures, too!

  4. Won a case from you once, figured I'll try again! :P

  5. Hmmm, I do like the simplicity of the bumper but without screws isn't a hard to put on? I had a Pinlo bumper and it was a pain to put on cause I had a Lucky wrap.

  6. It is a little hard to take on and off. But it is something that most people can get past.