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Friday, July 6, 2012

XtruCase Duo Slider

There are numerous amounts of aluminum bumpers out there to be purchased. Each company attempts to combine protection with style and accessibility. The Duo Slider by XtruCase has its place amongst the plethora of cases. It has one of the most unique feels that an aluminum case can provide. This case will easily pass as one of the elite protectors for aluminum case. One more feature to note is the screw-less design, which offers a simple loading and unloading of the phone. XtruCase could make an argument that the Duo Slider is one of the most versatile cases providing protection, accessibility, and style with a unique aluminum imported from none other than Switzerland.

Lets start off referring to all of the screw-less aluminum designs we have seen recently. We have the Aeris Rail, X-Protector, and now the Duo Slider. This design, like the other two are an attempt to redefine the case market. You can decide which one is your favorite because the honest truth is that all are terrific designs. As for this case, to remove your iPhone from the case, the first step is to take off the “slider back plate” and then take your phone out. This task is quite simple and convenient without having to deal with any screws or tools. There is no reason to ever worry about your phone falling out either XtruCase really thought through this aspect of the case and they did a terrific job making it as easy as possible for the user.

If you thought that XtruCase spent all their time thinking through the case’s screw-less design, you would be completely wrong. Not only are there no flaws in this case, but also the openings are perfect for nearly any of your other accessories. The 30-pin connector opening is one of the largest openings that a case can provide. After saying that, there is no reason to fret, it still provides the protection that any other would have. The left side of the case features a rubber piece that delivers another opening for signal. The rubber piece says the name of the case and gives the case it another visually pleasing feature. The volume and vibrate on/off switch is one cut out which will accommodate either the iPhone 4 or 4S. Onto the right side of the case, another signal opening, which is actually a lot like the Element cases. As for the headphone jack, few jacks would not work for this case. The final feature and my personal favorite is the sleep/wake button. The silver button sits flush to the band that runs around the case. There is a gap between the case and the button. This provides a terrific, clean pressing experience that few others can offer. Aesthetically, this case has it all and would please any buyer.

Because this case is made of aluminum, this means that signal will be affected. When doing tests for my phone in my current area without the case, I got very good signal at -59. But then when I put the case on, it dropped all the down to -71 (and even up to -76 at one point). So the bad signal is expected, when dealing with a completely aluminum case, but is there anything else? The only other thing that was very different about this case is the feel of the Swiss aluminum. It is almost a rough feeling. This is a really a preference call and you will learn quickly if you like it or not.

As you can see, the XtruCase Duo Slider was completely thought out and executed immaculately. If you can get past the different aluminum and the lower signal, then you will simply love this case and never have issues with it. The color of the case that I have is Stealth Black. The other colors available for purchase are: Blazing Orange, Chrome, Crimson Red, Matte Graphite, Pastel Pink, Pearl White, and Stealth Black. The case retails for $65 and is sold on the XtruCase website. Their website features a map that shows stores that sell the XtruCase cases. I really think that aluminum lovers would love this case and not be disappointed. 

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