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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bomba Alarm Clock

Time will never get old. Clocks will always be in style and there will always be the need to tell time. There are many clocks available but for those who like to set themselves apart, the people over at littleclockshop.com have an interesting clock for anyone. Though there are many clocks available for purchase, but the Black Bomba Alarm Clock looked like a good fit for me. This clock intrigued me because of the flip clock numbers but the rest of the clock adds character to the clock. Keep reading to find out exactly what sets this clock apart from others.

There are many things that set this clock apart from others but lets begin talking about the build quality and features. Two metal poles on a metal pedestal hold up this clock. The flip clock resides in the center with a dial on the left and the moving mechanism on the right. The gauge on the left can set the alarm and the red flipper can toggle the alarm to be on or off. The last wheel on the left can change the minutes on the flip clock.

The functionality of this clock blew me away. Right when you plug this clock in, it glows! There are two lights on the outside of the flip clock. Behind the clock resides a small black wheel to brighten or darken the lights. The mechanism on the right of the clock consistently turns in opposite directions. One thing that should be considered is if you have this clock in complete silence, you will hear it. The gentle flip and dull hum will fill the air.

The alarm on the clock also is quite loud so in the situation you need to be awaken, the Bomba Alarm Clock will not disappoint. One final note is all of the cogs in the back. It makes it me nervous that something will go wrong. But in the case that anything happens, the people at littleclockshop.com will be more than happy to help.

The Bomba Alarm Clock takes a classic flip clock and combines a new futuristic look. It really will catch the eye of anyone who walks into the room. Overall, this clock really is worth the money and will stop anyone in his or her tracks. I would recommend the Bomba Alarm Clock to anyone who loves technology and needs a clock! As for the people over at littleclockshop.com, I really recommend checking out the clock they have over there. It really is impressive, just like the Bomba Alarm Clock.

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