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Friday, August 31, 2012

Tangram Smart Dot Stylus and Pen Strap

Getting the full potential out of your iDevices is very important.  Accessories can help add more functionality to the already versatile device that you use everyday. There are a million different accessories available, from cases and protectors to keyboards and gaming accessories. For most iPad users who like to draw or write notes, a stylus can significantly help. The Tangram Smart Dot Stylus and PenStrap make for not only a great writing experience but also add in a few extra accessories that few other companies rival. Here is the main question: Is this sleek little stylus/laser pointer worth the $60 price tag? You will see after the break!

The Smart Dot Stylus and Pen Strap is easily the nicest stylus I have used. The aluminum cylinder feels great to write with and is very durable. As far as a stylus goes, this really gets the job done. One thing to consider is that the head is fairly regular and writes like any other stylus on an iDevice. Expectations of the writing should be no different than any regular stylus. I personally like how sturdy and easy to grip this pen is.

If you are seriously interested in purchasing the Smart Dot Stylus and Pen Strap, you will know about the laser pointer. Tangram has created an app to control the laser pointer from the device. Once you place the laser pointer in the headphone jack, you can toggle the red laser with the Smart Dot app. When testing out the laser pointer, it worked flawlessly. The jack is thin and will work with almost every case. Response time of the laser was immediate. Combining the app with the laser pointer separates this accessory from every other.

The laser pointer and the stylus are the main feature of the Smart Dot Stylus and Pen Strap. That is about all that you getting when purchasing this accessory. The strap is made very well but I could not seem to find a good use for it. The sleeve is nice as well and is great place to store the stylus. Finally, the stopper simply covers where the laser pointer and stylus comes together. This adds for a more aesthetically pleasing stylus so it is important.

The app that Tangram has created along side their product is quite simplistic yet extremely versatile. Once you have the laser pointer completely hooked up and the app running, any presentation would be simple to conduct. Within the app, there are two different orientations (a darker and lighter version). There is a big button to activate the laser and another to change slides (if it is hooked up to your computer properly).

Overall, I think Tangram does an amazing job with this product. The $60 price tag is a little steep for an average consumer, but I could see any teacher or businessman using this stylus. The Smart Dot app makes it possible for the user to change slides directly from the app, therefore being able to use the laser pointer and change slides. This makes for an ideal experience for any teacher or constructor. Simply put, this pen brings more to the table than your average stylus. I would recommend the Tangram Smart DotStylus and Pen Strap to anyone.

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