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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rokform Rokshield v3 Case for iPhone5

Protection is a key component for every iPhone case. A friend just the other day dropped his brand new iPhone and within the next two days, he had a case on it. People cannot stand having their most precious device uncovered and vulnerable. The Rokform Rokshield v3 case for the iPhone 5 gives the optimum amount of protection without being too bulky. There is so much to this case, click on through to read more about Rokform's most popular case!

Two-layer protection became popular by the OtterboxCommuterRokform really perfected this style of protection in this product. The inner layer is actually two hard plastic pieces that snap together which you can see on the back of the case. This design is implemented in all of their “v3” cases to accommodate some of their accessories. The outer layer of the Rokshield v3 is a soft rubber that feels great in hand. Overall, I struggled taking the case off of my iPhone; so once you get it on, don’t plan on taking it off often.

Two important things that I found important to note with the Rokform Rokshield v3 are how to disassemble the case and the rubber buttons. It took me a while to figure out how to take off the case. I found that sliding a penny in the back latch and slightly lifting is the easiest method to take apart the inner hard plastic. The rubber outer layer covers every port except the bottom of the iPhone and the vibrate on/off switch on the side. The volume buttons and sleep/wake button all felt easy and great to press. As for the home button, I found it a little difficult to always get a response. After a few days of using it, I became accustom to it.

My personal favorite aspect of the Rokshield v3 is what makes it so unique. All of the features of this case are too lengthy to go into detail, so I will hit on my favorites. First off, the magnetic system on the back means that you can leave your phone on any magnetic surface and it will stick. I believe this is the only case that has that feature! The “Lil’ Rok” which makes your iPhone mountable on almost any surface! The RMS (Remote Mounting System) is another feature, which can mount your phone virtually anywhere. There is a Folding Tripod, Bike Mount, Sport Clip, Bottle Opener, and Lanyard! Whew.

It is incredible what they are they are doing over at Rokform. If the protection of the case is not enough, it looks great and has awesome attachments. The Rokform Rokshield v3 comes in black/gun metal, black/red, black/blue, black, white, and white/pink. The retail price is $50 which is cheaper than retail on an Otterbox! For what you get, the price is great! I highly recommend this case!

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