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Monday, November 12, 2012

Otterbox Commuter iPhone 5 case

Otterbox is Probably the most widely known iPhone case amongst regular average joes.  The company originally got its fame by the "defender" but I like the commuter more. So the case protects, we know. What else does it have to offer? Well, some style and reliability are the two claims that keep Otterbox an iPhone regular.

This case has two major pieces to it. A rubber inside and a hard outer shell. Both are made high quality but the inner runner piece occasionally will have a miscue with the mold. The phone goes directly in the inner rubber piece and the hard shell snaps on for optimum protection. The rubber sections block all of the ports of the iPhone (headphone jack, lightning connector, and the volume buttons). The three things that are exposed are the screen, speakers, and the volume on/off switch. So that means that this case is great for keeping your phone in pristine condition.

This iPhone case is made to keep your phone protected and personally I think it lacks style. When comparing the case to other protective cases, the only thing in the favor of the otterbox commuter is the slimness of the case. While some people may like the way it looks, there are a few more problems I ran into. First off, the sleep/wake button was tough to press with the rubber piece covering it. It does the job, but it sometimes I would have to really press hard to get the iPhones button to go down. The other issue was getting the phone out of my pocket. The rubber inside is great when laying the phone down, screen down. When face up on the other hand, no grip can hold the phone in place. The added bulk may not be as much as the Defender, but it is still enough for me to shy away from this case for my iPhone 5.

Assuring your phone case 100% easily the best part about this case (and Otterbox in general). No matter the cause, the Otterbox warranty is one of the best I have ever dealt with. No questions, all they ask us for a picture of the case, front and back with your name and date on a piece of paper beside it. After that, consider yourself an owner of a brand new Otterbox!

When combined with the screen protector it provides, the Otterbox Commuter for the iPhone 5 can really protect your phone. Because over 60% of the phone is covered and protected, you can assure that when it comes time to resell your phone, it will be in pristine condition! On amazon, a new iPhone 5 Commuter will run you $20-$25 depending on your choice of color. The retail price on Otterbox is much steeper around $35. Again, with the warranty they provide, this case hits a large market which makes it one of the most popular cases on the market and Otterbox the best known company of all the iPhone case manufacturers. 

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