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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gumdrop Drop Tech iPhone 5 case (giveaway)

Protection is important to everyone. Some people can't have enough of it, others want it but don't want to sacrifice for a bulky phone. It's a vital decision when looking at future cases. Once big organizations are overlooked, like Otterbox, Griffin, and LifeProof, companies like Gumdrop have to come to mind for a new protective case. The Gumdrop Drop Tech cases make an argument to be the next best thing to protect you iPhone 5. Keep reading more to learn more and enter the giveaway!

The GumdropDrop Tech case is unique but still uses the same other cases have used before. The two-piece protection of an inner hard shell and outer rubber piece is becoming the norm for protective cases. Regardless, there are few things on this case that stand out to me. First, the material of the outer rubber is designed to look like a tire on the back, but has a nice smooth feel to it. Also the all of the ports are covered. Finally, a built in screen protector and home button cover both work and feel a lot better than I expected!

When I first received this case, I was not sure if I was going to like it! After putting my phone in it, I began to really enjoy it! The stability and response time on everything was flawless. I also loved the grip the case allows; a very unique feel. The cases that Gumdrop sent my way were the from the “Designer Series.” They are identical to the regular case but more colorful.

The overall feel of this case is great in hand. The screen protector works great as well and I had no trouble with ever missing a "click." The volume buttons, sleep/wake buttons and the home button are completely covered by the case but, the sound on/off switch and headphone jack / lightning port have openable flaps. I had no issue opening the flaps and once working them in, they worked perfectly!

So overall, I really enjoyed the Drop Tech cases from Gumdrop. The colors they have right now are black/black, black/red, army green, blue/pink, yellow/blue, orange/blue, and purple/pink. They all retail for $45 on their website. With the amount of protection this case provides, I think this case is perfect for those who have clumsy kids, need a wife a small present for Christmas, or like a unique feel of protective cases.

Because I received the entire Drop Tech Designers series and an iPad mini case from Gumdrop case, I am going to give all of them away. The stipulations are exactly the same the other giveaways that I hosted. If there is no way for me to contact you, you will not receive the case.  On that note, here is how to enter the giveaway:

·      Follow me on Twitter (no worries, I will follow back) (#1 Entry)
·      Re-tweet this Tweet or Comment on this post! (#2 Entry)
·      Re-tweet only once per day to increase your chances of winning! (#3 Entry)
·     Do all three to increase your chances of wining! (Optional) 
Other details:

·      If you tweet more than once per day, you will be disqualified.
·      There will be 5 winners.
·      The winners will be given a choice of the case they win. First come first serve basis.
·      The giveaway ends two week from the date of this post on December 21st.
·      The winners will be contacted via Direct Message on Twitter or email.
·      If winner do not reply within 24 hours, someone else will take his or her place.


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  2. I'm (hopefully) getting an iPhone5 for Xmas, so I'll need a case! The blue/yellow ones are really cool; actually I like them all! I don't have an iPad Mini, but I do need a case for my soon-to-be iPhone!
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