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Thursday, December 13, 2012

FAKE Element Vapor Pro for iPhone 5

Looking back at my past year of working on my website, most of the views have come from the FAKE element cases. While Element has done everything to rid this action of counterfeiting their hard work, China prevails dealing on third party vendor websites and other lesser known web-stores. The Element Vapor Pro was originally made by Element and only for the iPhone 4/4S. This case is extremely unique because Element has created the Sector 5 for the iPhone 5 instead of continuing their previous success with the Vapor Pro. So let the controversy continue as you continue reading the rest of this awesome review!

The very first case that I reviewed was a knockoff Vapor Profor my iPhone 4S. The case was nice and I liked it. This case reminds me a lot of that case not only because they are built alike, but also just because they feel a lot similar. Everything looks and feels identical except for a thinner bumper and the headphone slot being moved to the bottom. This means that there is now a solid aluminum band at the top of the phone. I thought this would drastically affect my signal. In the end, to my surprise, no signal was lost (for me). Wifi and cell signal both were completely unaffected.

The cutout at the bottom is large enough for your average lightning connector and a slimmer headphone jack (my Klipsch and Marley in ear headphones worked fine). No different than the 4S Vapor Pro, the sleep/wake button was a pleasure to press and the volume buttons were recessed precisely.  The only complaint that I have is once the case is screwed together, the sides do not line up perfectly, which is not even a big to me personally. One more minor issue is the inner pads are not glued too well to the case. This would cause them to fall off if you ever take the case off and on a lot (super glue will fix this). While this is expected when paying $25 for a case like this, it is the only blemish I can seem to find.

The major controversy that I feel the need to invoke is whether this is moral or not. The Chinese copies are sold so cheap but we are supporting them, not our country and our unique designs. This is for each of you to decide. Is it worth $150 to have the real Element case and support the person who deserves the money? Or would you rather spend a fraction of the cost on a cheap knockoff that is made not as nice.

I purchased this case from Caseswill.com. They have given me terrific customer service and I will use them again if I need to. After using this case for a few weeks, I highly recommend it as an everyday case. Considering the protection, style, no degrading of signal or connection; there are so few issues. For $25, I doubt that there is a better case on the market for this price.

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