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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Nomad Products

The NomadKey comes in microUSB, lightning connector, and the now Pebble watch connector. To me, this is the most accessible cord on the market. It connects to any key chain like all of your keys do. Same size, nearly the same look. The catch as you know, is that it's actually a shortened version of the long cord you bring with you! One issue you might have with the NomadKey is how long it is. Some people may need a longer cord. But when it comes to plugging into your computer or plugging into an external battery on the go, the NomadKey is perfect. One thing you won't have to worry about is the cord breaking. It is very flexible and they have recently improved it to be even sturdier. The longevity of this cord will mostly rely on how you treat it, and if you treat it the way you generally treat apple products, it will outlast your phone by a long shot. The cords come in a black color and vary in prices from $20-25.
Bottom Line – The best short cable that easily blends in with other keys.


To basically sum up this product, it is a lightning cable for Apple products combined with a clip. It is one of the most convenient cords on market. The clip is not the most sturdy for closing but will suffice as a clip for your keys or on a backpack. The cable length is roughly 4 inches and the connector itself is fairly large, too large for a Lifeproof case. Nevertheless, the accessibility of this cord is second to none. More on the build quality; the clip is reinforced with steel and is covered in a smooth, black plastic. Retail cost of the NomadClip is $40. If you need a little more length than the key and have room in your life for a carabineer, the NomadClip is a perfect match for you.
Bottom Line– An average clip with a great iPhone cable stashed away.

The last product on the Nomad lineup is an iPhone external battery that connects to the iPhone charging block. For anyone who needs an extra charge and typically carries their charging block, this is a fantastic solution to always looking for a wall socket. I found it to charge just as fast as the regular wall socket. At 1800mAh, it's just enough to give you an extra full charge on a regular day out. One thing to consider is that the phone is plugged in, the battery will only charge once you phone is fully charged. There is a small button in the middle to see how much battery is left. Coming in at $40, it is a little pricey, but it is the best way to upgrade your apple charger.
Bottom Line– An expensive yet beneficial addition to your iPhone charging block.

Nomad is also releasing the Stand and the Pod coming out this summer for the Apple Watch! I already ordered mine. And will review those when I receive them both! Let me know your thoughts on these products if you have them! Thanks for reading!

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