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Friday, December 21, 2012

Spigen SGP Glas.tR screen protector

When it comes to quality iPhone products, Spigen is one best available. Considering their screen protectors are just a good as their cases, there should be no worrying when purchasing their products. So everyone knows that the Spigen SGP Glas.tR screen protector is great, but lets see if it is the right screen protector for you! Click on through to read the entire review!

The Glas.t was the first glass screen protector on the market. While it was a hit, people still had issues with the corners chipping. Quickly, SGP came out with the Glas.tR and no one has looked back since. The main difference of the two protectors is the rounded edges on the Glas.tR  which honestly makes a big difference for me.

The smooth edges are just a portion of what makes this screen protector great. The SGP Glas.tR feels just like your regular iPhone screen but more smooth. Also the oleophobic coating takes away the smudgy screen that other iPhone users have to deal with. The clarity is impeccable and is like no other screen protector that I have used. In the case that the 8-9 hardness (which is three times harder than the PET film) breaks, it will shatter into little pieces that are not sharp.

There are still few differences that I think should be considered when looking into a glass screen protector. First off, the thickness of .4 mm is extremely minimal, but it definitely makes a difference. This is felt the mostly on the home button. I have gotten used to the drop off of the screen protector and I feel like most users can. One more significant difference is the price. Some screen protectors cost a penny online, but with high quality comes a little more of a price. Finally, the Glas.tR does not work with every iPhone case. This may steer people away from using the protector as well.

The Spigen SGP Glas.tR screen protector retails for $35. This is easily the highest quality of screen protectors. If you can trust yourself with a superior install, then this is a no brainer for anyone who does not use a case. For those who like a specific case, make sure that this is compatible with the your case. Thank you cretouch.com for allowing me to review this item. I highly recommend their website for anything. Overall, the Glas.tR is the best screen protector on the market. 

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