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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Motorola HX550

There are just as many Bluetooth headsets out there as any other accessory for your phone. From the fancy $150 headset to the cheap one that can only make calls, they all intrigue different people. This particular Bluetooth fits conveniently in between the two extremes. For roughly $60, this Bluetooth does everything I would need my headset to do. It has special features that other Bluetooth’s may not have. And best of all, the device can be charged by any micro USB plug. The Motorola HX550 is a middle of the line Bluetooth headset that can get the job done.

The HX550 comes in a nice hard plastic box that embellishes the headset and looks very clean. After opening the high quality plastic box, you find the alternative earpieces (on-ear, in-ear, and in-ear with hook) and the micro USB charger with the manual. The earpiece I have preferred is the in-ear with hook.
Overall, the Motorola HX550 is a great size and fit for my ear. It barely feels like it is in my ear when I am talking or listening to music.

Turning on and off this device is easy and intuitive. All you have to flip the speaker out to turn it on and close it to turn it off. It makes it extremely easy and sort of enjoyable to turn the device on and off. Once the Bluetooth is on, it greets you and tells you if you are paired or not. When your phone's bluetooth feature is turned on, all you have to do to connect the device to the phone is flip open the mic. 

When charging, an indicator light will tell you if you are done charging or not. This feature, though usually standard in today’s headsets, can easily go unnoticed as you can see below. To the right and left of the light is the volume up/volume down buttons. The only other button on the device is the big square button. This button can access Siri, redial our last called number, and other things.

The overall sound quality is surprisingly good. Listening to music is a breeze and sounds solid when you are on the go and you want to listen to something. While talking with the Moto HX550, people can hear you well and they can hear you fine as well. The one downside of this device is that it will pick up outside sounds. Wind, interstate noise, and crowds, all can cause disturbances in your conversation. When I say disturbances I mean, the other line will be able to hear “the wind” muffled with your voice dominating. When you are not paying $100+ for a Bluetooth, you cannot expect perfection.

I personally have loved this Bluetooth. For the price and accessibility, I could not ask for more. The button features and sound quality are both good, and the on/off feature is one of a kind (well, only Motorola). The “in-ear with hook” earpiece fits nice and snug in my ear and I forget I have it is even in there when talking for long times. The Motorola HX550 is affordable and I recommend it to anyone considering a headset. 

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