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Monday, July 30, 2012

Graft Concepts Leverage Case (Giveaway)

Have you been looking for a unique case that is stylish, convenient, and can still protect your average joe drops? Well your search is over. The Graft Concepts Leverage Case is an amazing bumper or case that is held together with a latch. It works quite simple; the fastener is at the top and holds the polycarbonate sides together and the backplate on. The fastener folds downs and becomes part of the case. While skeptics say the case will come undone, the case will never come unlatched. On top of that, the lever goes over the top right of the phone to make for a cool sleek looking sleep button. These features combined make a great argument to be one my personal favorite.

The main feature of the Graft Concepts Leverage is the latch. It is the showpiece of the case. Right from the start, snapping the case into place made it feel great. The wake/sleep button that the case provides is sturdy but requires more of a press than the case-less iPhone. It is aesthetically pleasing and can still fulfill the same response when pressing the phone’s button. One other feature that does not need to be over looked is the back plate. While some companies give a sticker back plate, the Graft Concepts back plate is a legitimate plate. The same plastic used in making the case is used in the plate. It is not flexible, very firm, and flits securely when latched together. The case comes in black or white; the latch can come in chrome or matte. The new glossy white case looks great and just goes to show how the company listens to their users to provide the best product available.

As far as build quality goes, this case was completely thought through. Made with nice soft plastic (or glossy if you have the white case) and a metal latch, the Graft Leverage is surprisingly sturdy and protects your phone like any other bumper/case. Obviously, the case is more of a fashion statement than a body protector, but it will get the job done once or twice if you drop it. As far as clearance for the 30-pin connector, the headphone, and volume buttons, this case is like most others. The connector will take few 3rd party chargers. The best bet is to strictly stay with apple’s charger cord. The headphone jack is also quite tight. While the case can handle many headphone jacks, not all will work for sure.

Two things need to be noted about the Leverage. First, is that the company used to have problems with the lever (the top part, where it latched to the phone) scratching the top of the aluminum band around the phone. When the lever is clamped in, it would leave the slightest mark. This was resolved within a few weeks of the problem being noted. Recipients who found scratched bands were given 50% off any GC products. I have not noticed this occurring with my case at all. Second, is that the lever is held together with small metal rod. This could mean that it will break with little force. In the unique situation that anything would happen to the case, the company has a 1-year warranty that they stand beside.

Any serious iPhone user looking for a unique and elegant case should consider the Graft Concepts Leverage Case. It rivals any other with a great feel in your hand for half of the price of other. The case is one of my personal favorites for any occasion, and can be purchased straight from GraftConcepts for $50. The versatility of the bumper or case provides for a terrific experience.

Because I received a Black and White case from GraftConcepts, I am going to give both of them away. The stipulations are a little different than the other giveaway that I hosted. If there is no way for me to contact you, you will not receive the case. On that note, here is how to enter the giveaway:
  • ·      Follow me on Twitter (no worries, I will follow back) (#1 Entry)
  • ·      Re-tweet this Tweet or Comment on this post! (#2 Entry)
  • ·      Re-tweet only once per day to increase your chances of winning! (#3 Entry)
  • ·     Do all three to increase your chances of wining! (Optional) 
Other details:
  • ·      If you tweet more than once per day, you will be disqualified.
  • ·      There will be 2 winners.
  • ·      The winners will be given a choice of the case they win. First come first serve basis.
  • ·      The giveaway ends two week from the date of this post on August 13th.
  • ·      The winners will be contacted via Direct Message on Twitter or email.
  • ·      If winner do not reply within 24 hours, someone else will take his or her place.


  1. Lovely case, thanks for the review and giveaway :)

  2. When you say "re-tweet" your post once a day, how can I re-tweet your post when I can only re-tweet your post one time for every post you make? Do I just copy your post and just tweet it myself once a day?

    1. I'm very sorry! Yes what you said is perfect! Just copy my tweet and post that as your tweet once a day and make sure I am tagged in it.

  3. Oh i wasn't sure about what the person above asked too. Now i get it, thanks )

  4. Cheers for holding this giveaway. Great reviews on this blog. :)

  5. A giveaway is always a good way to generate buzz for your blog. Nice review on the Leverage

  6. Thank you for sending me the white Graft case. I love my phone even more!