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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LifeProof Case for iPhone 4 and 4S

If you consider yourself a true outdoorsman and are looking for the perfect protective case on the market, the Lifeproof Case may be the right choice for you. The case proclaims to be waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, and shock proof. With all of these conditions, the case has a lot to live up to. Only being 10.8mm wide (compared to the iPhone’s 9.4mm width), this thin yet durable case will endure any test you put it to. After spending a week at the beach, I couldn’t help but snap this case on and try it out. Hopefully what I learned will help you out.

Overall, the Lifeproof case is visually appealing. The thickness amazing considering the circumstances it can overcome. To give an example of exactly how thin the case is, it is identical to the thickness of the Otterbox Commuter. The headphone jack can only be reached with the headphone adapter that is included. Also, the 30-pin connector can be reached with a cord when the cover is opened. The volume buttons and silent/vibrate switch are all accessible on the side of the case. Finally, the sleep/wake button also proves to be very responsive. One important thing to consider is the screen protector attached to the case. While it is imperative for a waterproof case to have, it makes for a difficult “touch.” Simply enough, the case cannot provide the response than without a case on. This causes some frustration but after using it for a little while, you get used to the delayed reaction.

Now, you thought your Otterbox Defender was durable and protective, think again. I brought this powerhouse in the shower, the ocean, and the pool with me multiple times. Sand got on the case and in crevices but as the day went on and I filmed a short video underwater, or watched the Braves hanging out in the pool, the sand would come off. The picture/video quality above and underwater was surprisingly awesome (see posted below). Another thing that I loved about this case was how easy it was to take in and out of my pockets. When going out, the case slid in and out of my pockets with no difficulty. Listening to music with the Lifeproof case on was no different than without it on. I was quite impressed with the simplicity of taking the case off. It took milliseconds after getting the corner unfastened. These features are some of the most unique provided for your iPhone and do not need to go unnoticed.

This case has proven to be one of the best cases to protect your iPhone from anything. Because the case is plastic/polycarbonate and not aluminum, the signal did not degrade at all. Inside the box, Lifeproof shows seven reasons to choose their case. Protects against everyday hazards, swim and take to 6.6ft (2m) underwater, high degree of shock and impact protection, ultra slim design with thin main body profile, unique non-stick pocket friendly materials, fully sealed from minute dust particles, all phones features operational while fully protected.

The Lifeproof case can be purchased on their website or even at a local Best Buy. While the case retails for $80, it can be purchased for around $60 on Amazon.com. It comes in four different colors: black, white, purple, pink, and blue. Overall, I was impressed with this case and would recommend it to anyone who is considering a waterproof case. Before purchasing this case though, please consider that Otterbox is coming out with a waterproof case that should rival this one. Regardless of the situation, you can not go wrong with the Lifeproof case on your iPhone 4/4S.

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