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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Musubo Double X and Sneaker

Though many Chinese companies choose to make cheap iPhone cases or create knockoffs of current popular cases, Musubo designs premium cases from china that are reliable and fashionable. They provide a variety of cases that all include a variety of free gifts like a stand, a screen protector, and microfiber cloth. The plastic casing that the iPhone case comes in is the first thing you will notice when receiving this case. It shows exactly the type of company that Musubo is. The two cases that the company allowed me to review are the Double X and the Sneaker.

The Double X is an intricate idea with a very simple design. The case comes in five colors: black, white, green, red, purple, and blue. It features an open back that actually can show off the phone but still protect the back because of the "double x" design. The case is compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S. One important thing to note is that the back of the case is a little rounded, which creates a unique feel considering the soft touch plastic.

As far as the openings go, this case was designed very well. The company thought through all the 3rd-party connectors considering almost every cord would work. The volume buttons are squared but still good and sensitive to the touch. There is an opening for the vibrate on/off switch which makes it for easy access. No worries about the flash messing up either because there is plenty of clearance for the camera. The headphone jack is just as easy to access. Finally, the weakest link of the Double X, the sleep/wake button; its just not the most reliable. It is squared and a little large. With the rest of the case being designed so well, I expected more with one of the most important buttons on the iPhone. The Double X will not let down when looking for a case to protect all the surfaces but still show off the back of the iPhone.

The other case that I received is called the Sneaker. It features two different back plates that make the case look like the sole of a shoe. The case comes with a black or white bumper and five different color variations: black/white, brown/olive, red/yellow, pink/baby blue, and lime/purple. The case's back plate or "soles" have a cool design, which creates a great feel when holding. Another thing that this case features is a lanyard hole. This just broadens the possibilities for this case.

Just like the Double X, the Sneaker has squared volume buttons, an open headphone jack and vibrate switch, and enough room for almost any 3rd-party connector. Again, similar to the other case, the sleep/wake button lacks much thought. The place on the case designed for the button to be, does not match up with the phone at all. This poor design (change that word) creates for a terrible "press" experience. You may touch the button but then it won't impress and end up trying to turn off your phone. Another problem is that considering that it does not line up perfectly, you can press down beside the button and it still wakes up the phone. This is very peculiar, but something that can be forgotten about when using this case consistently. The Sneaker is a good case that feels great in hand and provides high quality, customizable back plates. Another feature that this case provides is a place for a lanyard to go. This is another case that I would recommend to most anyone.

The Double X and the Sneaker prove that Musubos cases should be considered when purchasing a case for your iPhone 4 or 4S. The Double X provides a great opportunity to show off the back of your phone while still maintaining the protection of any other case. The white and black colors accent the iPhones original colors with the Sneaker. It protects and offers an accessible way to carry your phone with the lanyard slot. Both of the cases can be purchased from the Musubo website. The Double X retails for $30 while the Sneaker can be purchased for $35. Musubo offers many other cases that purchased from their website.

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