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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ZooGue iPhone 4/4S Social Shell

Could it be true? A case that is free to the first 50,000 recipients! Well yes it is. And when people think of anything that is free, they are skeptical. Simply put, this case is much more then just a free case. The ZooGue Social Shell comes in a plethora of colors: Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, White, Cream, Chocolate, Navy Blue, Old Spice Red, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Army Green, and Lime Green. At such a cheap price any iPhone user looking for a universal case should consider this.

First lets talk structure and design of the Social Shell. When not on the iPhone, this case is flimsy but has a nice scratchproof feel. Once the case is on, it maintains the same interesting rubber feel and is given a skeleton or backbone. This backbone provides for a much more protective case that what I initially thought. On the sides of the cases, is a ribbed design, another feature I was skeptical about. When on the case, it just feels great. The cut outs are not deep but not just enough to feel them while holding the phone. This provides for a great feel in hand.

The openings of the ZooGue Social Shell are very well thought out. No troubles with the 30-pin connector or the headphone jack. Both have enough clearance for many 3rd party accessories. Pressing the volume buttons is easy to get to and the opening will conform to an iPhone 4 or 4S. The wake/sleep button is so easy to press and is very responsive. Usually I am skeptical to these buttons built into a rubber case, but this one is great and provides for a great experience.

There is no doubt in my mind that this case is the most affordable case for your iPhone (that should be considered). Not only is it affordable, but also it really is good enough to take the everyday grind your phone goes through. You can purchase the case at the ZooGue website. I would recommend purchasing two cases if you are interested because the shipping is all you pay for. For one case, you pay $3.99 but for two cases, you can get $5.99. I would recommend this case for anyone looking for a quality case at an affordable case. I can not wait to see this case on the iPhone 5.

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