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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spigen SGP Linear Mix and Match

Strutting a different iPhone case is not all that difficult these days. The struggle is finding something that is stylish, protective, and can still be different to get positive attention. Cretouch did me the favor of allowing me to showcase the ever popular Spigen SGP Linear Mix and Match. This case provides for the availability to mix up the colors of a case and match them any way you want to. And that’s the way we need it these days. This makes for an affordable way to have a “new” case more often. If you like to change up the case on your iPhone often, don’t hold your breath, just keep reading!

SGP really thought this case through very well. The idea is quite simple. You have “Part A”,  “Part B”, and “Part C” of the case. You must have all three to complete the case. There are twelve colors to choose from for each part: Champagne Gold, Crystal Clear, Fantasia Hot Pink, Infinity White, Satin Silver, Sherbet Pink, Soul Black, Tender Blue, Dante Red, Gunmetal, Lime, and Reventon Yellow. All of these colors are glossy and can make for many possibilities for a case. The back plate (Part C) is a very touch piece of plastic that is very firm. The other two pieces are flimsy but given the backbone of your phone, they become very sturdy and shielding.

Onto more specifics, the Linear Mix and Match feel great in hand. Once all three of the parts are together, it feels smooth and elegant. The pieces are snug and will not come apart. The openings for the volume buttons/silent switch, 30-pin connector cable, and the sleep/wake button are impeccable. The headphone jack could be a bit larger but anything typical should work. The case also features no lip to lie on the table. So there is a little risk of your screen taking some damage on a drop. Overall, the Linear Mix and Match by SGP fits together perfectly and has really impressed me.

Working with the team over at Cretouch was great. They responded to all of my emails extremely quickly and were extremely polite. It felt like I was actually talking to a person. They work hard over there and I really recommend going through their site to purchase this series. The  “Part A” (the back plate) costs $10,“Part B” (the bottom) will run you $5, and “Part C” will be $7. The grand total for your fully customizable case is only $22. I would seriously recommend the Spigen SGP Linear Mix and Match if you want to continue to change out the colors of your case. The feel is great and changing up the color is not only easy, but it will not cost you much at all.

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