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Monday, November 5, 2012

Spigen SGP New iPad Leather Sleeve

In the situation that a real leather sleeve like the one from Mint Cases, is not your choice to use to travel with your iPad, Spigen has a terrific alternative. SGP is a company that has the past of making quality products. But what about this leather sleeve? Does it match up with their other products? Big thanks to Cretouch.com, who allowed me to review this sleeve. Now, lets see how this sleeve really matches up with the other iPad sleeves out there after the break.

Lets start off with the outside of this sleeve. The leather feel is very good and has little ripples or ridges. So the SGP New iPad LeatherSleeve is not smooth leather, but is actually tougher alternative leather called, “Floater style leather.” This provides for better scratch resistance and a better grip. The cover flap comes about a third of the way over and latches in with two magnets. This will completely contain your iPad.

As for the inside of this sleeve, a thin suede liner called “Chamaude interior“ will keep your iPad nestled inside the sleeve to prevent any scratches. The liner feels thin, but with the SGP logo all over the inside, it still appears to be high quality. One thing that I really liked about the SGP New iPad Leather Sleeve is that the iPad can have the Apple Smart cover on while is inside the sleeve. This allows a lot of versatility and makes it incredibly easy to use.

The Spigen SGP New iPad Leather Sleeve brings a traditional envelope sleeve and makes it extremely convenient for everyday use. As for overall protection, there are no worries because the SGP sleeve defends almost ever drop and all scratches. This sleeve comes in black, dark brown, and dark green. Cretouch currently has the sleeves in stock and retail for $48. For the quality and practicality, the SGP New iPad Leather Sleeve sets the bar higher for leather sleeves for the New iPad. 

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